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Cheesy NFT Project

Give me
and get treats

Listen to
Gotta Get
Dat Cheese

Give me a slice and get:

1. Gotta get that cheese song download in mp3.
2. use this song in all social media accounts for 1 year royalty free.
3. 20 cheesy tokens

Download this Song in mp3 format

make a cool video on tik tok or youtube with this song in the background royalty free for 1 year.

Get 20 cheesee tokens

These is a meme token.
Development plans for the future:
cheesee game
earn while you play
nrt-2 and nrt-3 token technologies

How Many NFT's do you want?

23 pay token

Why participate in an NFT project?

If Mark Cuban, Paris Hilton, Billynaire, Steph Curry, Lindsay Lohan, Payy Mee, Leo Messi, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Gary Vee, to name a few, have NFT projects, do you think it's time that you take action?

Get a slice of the
Might as well do something right now.

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